Winter Landscaping Mistakes

Posted by AquaSmart PRO on Nov 1, 2016 10:35:46 AM

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With fall waning and winter on the horizon, it might seem like a great time to put away your landscaping tools until spring. Not so fast. 

While your thoughts may be turning to the holiday season and well-deserved time with your family, there is still plenty of lawn and landscaping work to be done – both for your own clients and around your home. Making sure that the lawn and garden are prepared for a strong spring means avoiding some of these winter landscaping mistakes.


1. You stop watering

While the lawn won’t need as much water in the winter – and none at all if you live in areas of snow – you should continue to water if the grass stays green all winter and not much rain is expected. But plants and greenery such as shrubs, hedges and fruit trees need watering right up until it freezes. This will help prevent disease and dehydration.

2. Ignoring pests

Insects have figured out how to survive the winter: they bury themselves beneath the soil and feed on plants. Needless to say, they can cause a lot of damage. Make sure you address pest problems all winter long.


3. Not planting spring flowers

Planting autumn bulbs will help flowers grow and bloom beautifully. Just make sure that the bulbs you choose can be safely planted in colder weather, and that you also plant them deep enough so they won’t freeze over the winter.


4. You’re still using weed killer

Weed killer is only effective for a lawn or garden if the temperature outside is warm enough. Otherwise, you’ll hurt the plants.


5. Not using the right products

Keeping a lawn and landscape looking its best means using the right products all season. AquaSmart Pro is a super absorbent sand that allows you to water less while still keeping grass healthy and green. It can also be blended with mulch, top soil, or peat moss.


6. You quit cutting and fertilizing too early

While a lawn won’t grow as rapidly during the cooler months than it does during the summer, it’s still important to maintain basic upkeep such as mowing and fertilizing. Fertilizing is particularly important in the fall because it can help protect your lawn from damage during the colder months ahead.


7. Neglecting yard tools

Don’t put your landscaping tools away for the winter months without first doing a maintenance once-over on them. Clean them thoroughly to get rid of all dirt, debris and moisture that may affect their performance in the spring, or even render them unusable.


8. You stop buying new garden supplies

Many garden supply stores offer great deals during the winter months on tools, seeds, pot and soil. Make sure to take advantage of these bargains whenever you can.


9. Not raking the yard

Raking up those autumn leaves will not only make a lawn look neat and tidy, but it will also prevent mold and fungus from forming under leaves that become frozen to the ground or topped with snow.


10. Cutting the lawn too short

It’s important to keep mowing as long as you can before winter hits (and the grass stops growing), but you want to be careful not to cut too low. This can damage certain varieties of grass.

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