Fall: A Great Time to Plant Trees & Shrubs

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Leaves may be falling, but it would surprise some people to learn that autumn is an excellent time to plant trees and shrubs. Installing larger plants is an excellent way to bolster your business this time of year. Let’s explore the benefits and best practices of utilizing this beautiful season.

Why is fall a good time to plant trees?

The primary reason that you should plant trees in the fall is root growth. The soil might be cooler, but it’s still warm enough for the roots to grow and take hold. This allows to get a head start on the new year. When the ground thaws, these plants will already have healthy roots to absorb the moisture and nutrients. They will generally be fuller and healthier than similar plants installed in the spring.

Balled-and-burlapped trees do well with this method. By planting in the dormant season, you allow them to recover the roots they lost in the transport process. If you care for them properly, they’ll quickly take root just in time for long winter’s nap.

Which trees should you avoid planning in the fall?

Avoid planting broad-leaved evergreens in the fall months. This includes azaleas, rhododendrons, and boxwoods. If it can’t be avoided, and they simply have to get in the ground, make sure they’re protected from harsh winter weather and sprayed with an anti-desiccant. Most other evergreen trees and shrubs will generally be fine with a fall planting, but be sure to follow the directions for each plant, paying special attention to your climate zone.

How to get the most out of your fall planting

Any perennial delivered without dirt should be soaked for twenty-four hours before planting. If you can’t plant them right away, keep them in the shade with moist dirt around the roots. For container plants, they should do just fine as long as they receive enough water.

Timing is a major concern. You’ll want to get your plants in about six weeks before the first frost. Plant your trees and shrubs early enough that those early freezes won’t prevent them from taking root. Keep an eye on weather predictions and adjust your schedule accordingly.

Some of the best trees to plant in the fall are maple, pine, ash, sycamore, and elm. Find out what trees are recommended for your area, and you should have plenty of beautiful options.

Larger plants are a welcome addition to commercial and residential properties. They provide both aesthetic and economic benefits, adding both beauty and value to a landscape. As we roll into the fall season, make sure to communicate to your clients that this is prime planting season for trees and shrubs.

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